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Corehosting started in 1996. We want every customer to feel safe with our company. The ability to keep you online twenty four hours a day seven days a week like clock work. We provide wicked fast adult web hosting services for shared hosting, and dedicated servers. Corehosting uses technology from leading edge digital fiber companies to ensure your website or server is always getting the direct route. The signal is carried over multiple providers listed below. Corehosting's facility is located in SF California. Please try a speedtest by downloading this link. Our business office address is Corehosting 75 Lyall Street West Roxbury, MA 02132 Clients benefit from superior, congestion free connectivity due to the Asymmetric Allocation of Packets (ASAP) that routes traffic over the fastest possible network route. ASAP improves on commonly used BGP routing, which merely finds the shortest route. ASAP goes further by using both historical data and current traffic conditions to find the fastest, most dependable open route.
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